Jason’s Official 2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Troy QB Brandon Silvers

Brandon Silvers, QB, Troy

Scouting Report:

Silvers ended his career at Troy, where he played in 48 career games, completed 969 passes, for 106884 passing yards, threw 71 passing touchdowns, had 29 interceptions, and had a completion percentage of 64.4. He also rushed the ball 237 times, for 415 rushing yards, and had 16 rushing touchdowns. Silvers has good size, he has good speed, has a strong arm, and has good accuracy. He is a very mobile quarterback, and a good rushing quarterback. He does not rush the ball out too quickly, he does not stare down one receiver, he distributes the ball to all of his receivers, and backs, he is a tough nosed player, and has good instincts. He also has good patience in the pocket, and allows his receivers to get open. He puts the ball where his receiver can get it, he gets the ball out quickly when needed, he has good pocket awareness, and is very poised in the pocket. He also fits the ball into tight places with ease, is a good passer when rolling out of the pocket, and can make something out of nothing with his legs. On the other hand, he overthrows and underthrows his receivers at times. With that said, I see Silvers being a day 3 pick, likely in the 4th-5th round range when it is all said and done.