Jason’s Official 2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report: South Dakota State WR Jake Wieneke

Jake Wieneke, WR, South Dakota State

Scouting Report:

Wieneke finished his career at South Dakota State, where he played in 53 career games, had 288 receptions, for 5157 receiving yards, and 59 receiving touchdowns. He has great size, he has good speed, is a good route runner, and a good blocking receiver. He was a go-to receiver at South Dakota State, and he was also a scoring machine. He is a good deep threat, a solid pass catcher, and sure handed. He makes defenders miss, he breaks tackles, and is tough to take down. He also goes up, and gets the ball, he fights for every yard, and extra yards, and he consistently beats his defender. He is also an offensive play maker, and a dynamic play maker. On the other hand, while he has good speed, he does not have elite wide receiver speed, but that doers not hurt his game. With that said, I view Wieneke being a early day 3 pick when it is all said and done.