Jason’s Official 2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Appalachian State OG Colby Gossett

Colby Gossett, OG, Appalachian State

Scouting Report:

Gossett, who finished his career at Appalachian State, has great size, he has good speed, and is a good pass blocker, He is also a good run blocker, and he opens holes up for his backs. He is a tough nosed player, and has good instincts. He is very powerful, and is a mauler. He gets a good push on the defensive line, and does not get pushed around that easily. He is also very athletic, and he bends his knees to show the athleticism. He is very active using his hands to get leverage, and he easily pushes around defenders. He is also versatile, as he can plat offensive guard, and offensive tackle, and he does a good job of resetting his legs, and stopping defenders. On the other hand, he gets pushed into the backfield at times by big defensive lineman, and he has issues with speedy defenders at time, but that does not hurt his game. With that said, I view Gossett as a late 2nd-round, to early 3rd-round pick when it is all said and done.