Jason’s Offensive Positional Rankings, as of April, 13th, 2014

Below are my top offensive prospects by position, with analysis of each player.


1. Teddy Bridgewater*, Louisville

– Bridgewater has great arm strength. Accurate, big QB, threads the needle so to speak so nicely, and makes hard throws look easy. He is not the fastest QB, and over throws too much, and under pressure a lot. But he is the top QB prospect, a consensus 1st overall pick.

2. Blake Bortles*, UCF

– Bortles is a high riser. Good arm, decent speed, makes plays happen when they break down. You could say he is a one year wonder. But I believe he is a franchise QB.

3. Johnny Manziel*, Texas A&M

– Manziel is athlectic, fast, good speed, strong arm. Able to avoid pressure, and he easily shakes defenders. He is a pro QB for sure, with smart and instinctive decision making. But he does over throw receivers.

4. Derek Carr, Fresno State

– Carr has good accuracy, good size, and speed. Dominated lower FBS schools. He did stuggle in their bowl game against USC, but he is a good prospect. He does over and under throw receivers at time. He has a tendency to throw into double coverage.

5. Jimmy Garoppolo, Eastern Illinois

– Garoppolo has good size, accurate QB, and good arm strength. He does over throw at times, and isn’t the fastest QB.

6. A.J. McCarron, Alabalma

– McCarron is a big tall QB, with decent speed, and good accuracy. But he may be a product of the system. Overall he is a solid prospect, who would be a great #2 QB.

7. David Fales, San Jose State

– Fales is an accurate QB for the most part, has good arm strength, throws a good deep ball, and looks like an NFL QB. But he does force some throws, he also over and under throws at times.

8. Zach Mettenberger, LSU

– Mettenberger has good arm strength, he is accurate, good on deep balls thrown, but he does over and under throw at times. His injury could force him down the draft boards, but I don’t think too far. He should be steal where ever he is selected.

9. Aaron Murray, Georgia

– Murray clearly has an NFL arm, he is strong, athletic, smart, instinctive, and calm. Shows signs of great plays, and has no problems with short passes. But he not overally accurate. He struggles against top level. He dominates lower level competition, he also makes bad decisions under pressure, and overthrows receivers from time to time.

10. Tajh Boyd, Clemson

– Boyd has good arm strength, good arm overall. Makes hard throws look easy. Good at short and easy throws. He could be a product of the system, he has always had great WRs to throw to. But he should be a early 2nd round pick come this May.

Running Backs:

1. Carlos Hyde, Ohio State

– Hyde is a big back, with good vision, socring machine at OSU, and never gives up on a play. But he is the not the fastest back, and does get stuffed at times. But as the season went on, he got more people talking about him, and thus making him a top 5 back.

2. Tre Mason*, Auburn

– Mason has great speed, he is an overall great play maker, and a touchdown machine. But he isn’t the biggest back. But his 2013 season puts him line to be a top 100 pick.

3. Ka’Deem Carey*, Arizona

– Carey is a good runner, and a play maker. But not the fastest back, and gets stuffed too much, but I believe Carey is the best back in this class.

4. Lache Seastrunk*, Baylor

– Seastrunk has good speed, he doesn’t give up on any plays, breaks a lot of tackles, and makes a lot of big plays. He is a tiny RB, and gets stuffed at time, but as bad as others.
5. Bishop Sankey*, Washington

– Sankey has good speed, makes tough plays look easy. Although he is a tiny back, and has fumble issues. Other than that, he is a early round pick.

6. Andre Williams, Boston College

– Williams is a big back, scoring machine, and good size. But he is not the speediest back, but still has decent speed. Williams is a high riser, going from late round, to early round projections.

7. Jeremy Hill*, LSU

– Hill is a really good sized back, play maker, and a scoring machine. But he is not the fastest back, and has had off the field issues at LSU, which may of been the reason for declaring for the draft.

8. Marion Grice, Arizona State

– Grice has good size, good vision for a back. He is a powerful back, and gets the yardage when needed. However he doesn’t have elite back speed.

9. Devonta Freeman*, Florida State

– Freeman has good speed, he makes big plays, a good runner, with good vision. But he a really small back.

10. James Wilder Jr.*, Florida State

– Wilder has good size, he makes dynamic plays, he is a scoring machine, and a complete workhorse. But he is on the slow side. Overall, Wilder is a good potential change of pace back.

Wide Receivers:

1. Sammy Watkins*, Clemson

– Fast and speedy WR, a big time play maker, makes easy catches, he is dynamic, play maker, and a good returner when needed. He does get caught up on reverse’s, and not the tallest WR, but that shouldn’t effect his play. He is a sure fire top 10-15 pick come May.

2. Mike Evans*, Texas A&M

– Evans has really good size, and a good pass catcher. But doesn’t have the best speed, and not really elite just yet, but he has so much potential to be a #1 WR.

3. Marqise Lee*, USC

– Lee is a good pass catching WR, dynamic play maker, fast and speedy. Catches the wide open passes easily, and gets open easily, and a good blocker. The only negative is his size, he isn’t the biggest WR. But he is a top 20 pick for sure.

4. Brandin Cooks*, Oregon State

– Cooks is a high riser, a really good pass catcher, good returner, and makes just about every catch. On the flip side, he is undersized.

5. Allen Robinson*, Penn State

– Robinson has good size, good speed, and a good pass catcher. The only thing I have against him is he is not the best blocker, but that can be worked on. Top 50 pic for sure, potential 1st rounder.
6. Odell Beckham Jr.*, LSU

– Beckham has great speed, good size, good pass catching receiver, and has good hands. He is not the greatest blocking receiver, and doesn’t always make good decisions on returns.

7. DaVante Adams*, Fresno State

– Adams is a good pass catching WR, with good size, and decent speed. He doesn’t fare well against top FBS schools, and he struggled against USC in their bowl game.

8. Kelvin Benjamin*, Florida State

– Benjamin is a good sized WR, good speed, but struggled in the BCS championship game, but not many flaws. He is a redzone threat, and should be a 1st-2nd round pick.

9. Jordan Matthews, Vanderbilt

– Matthews is a good pass catcher, speedy receiver, play maker, has great foot work, and great size. But he doesn’t always get the 1st down, but overall Matthews is a top 50 pick come May, and possibly a 1st rounder.

10. Jarvis Landry*, LSU

– Landry didn’t have the best combine, but I still am high on him, a potential top 75 pick, he has great speed, good size, good pass catcher, and a good blocker, and honestly I don’t see many flaws.

Tight Ends:

1. Jace Amaro*, Texas Tech

– Amaro has great size, catches everything, and take advantage of mismatches. He is not the fastest TE, but there are not many flaws. Amaro is a early round pick, likely 1st round pick.

2. Eric Ebron*, North Carolina

– Ebron is a good blocker, good pass catching TE, and has good size. Although he is a tad slow, but again like Amaro, he doesn’t have many flaws.

3. Austin Seferian-Jenkins*, Washington

– Seferian-Jenkins is a big body, good blocker, pass catcher, good at avoiding tackles, and makes unvelievable catches look easy. He does get manhandled at times, and not the fastest player.

4. Troy Niklas*, Notre Dame

– Niklas is a big TE, good run and pass blocker, and a really good pass catcher. Only downside is he is a little slow. He should be a top 50 pick.

5. C.J. Fiedorowicz, Iowa

– Fiedorowicz has good size for a TE, good pass catcher, good blocker, but is on the slow side. But he should be a late day 2 pick.

6. Xavier Grimble*, USC

– Grimble has good size for a TE, play maker, but a slower TE. Likely a mid round pick.

7. A.C. Leonard*, Tennessee State

– Leonard had a great combine, he has good size, good pass catcher, and a good run blocker. The only concerns were his off the field issues, which led him to go to Tennessee State from Florida.

8. Crockett Gilmore, Colorado State

– Gilmore was a senior bowl substitution, and showed off. He has good size, and is a good pass catcher. He isn’t the fastest TE though.

9. Richard Rodgers*, California

– Rodgers is a big TE, a good pass catcher, versatile TE, could play FB if needed. On the flip side, he isn’t the fastest.

10. Jake Murphy*, Utah

– Murphy is a big TE, good special teamer, and a good blocker. Although he does struggle against speedy pass rushers, and isn’t the fastest TE.


1. Marcus Martin*, USC

– Martin is a big Center, and good all around blocker, but he is on the slow side.

2. Travis Swanson, Arkansas

– Swanson is a big body, nasty, and mauler. He played against top level competition in the SEC. But he is on the slow side.

3. Weston Richhburg, Colorado State

– Richburg is a good sized Center, with decent speed. But is another player who played against lower level FBS teams.

4. Tyler Larsen, Utah State

– Larsen is another big body lineman, who while a top Center, played in a lower level FBS conference. He does however have good speed for a Center.

5. Bryan Stork, Florida State

– Stork played with a great Florida State offensive line, and protected, and created holes for their running backs. And good size, but not the fastest..

Offensive Guards:

1. David Yankey*, Stanford

– Yankey played a talented Offensive Line at Stanford, he is a good pass and run blocker. His flaws are that is on the slow side, but not much flaws to be honest.

2. Gabe Jackson, Mississippi State

– As usual with most Guards, Jackson isn’t the fastest. He is good in the pass and run blocking department.

3. Xavier Su’a-Filo, UCLA

– Su’a-Filo is just a big, nasty Guard, he is faster than the other Guards mentioned. Good run and pass blocker. Played at a high level in the PAC-12, so he has experience.

4. Cyril Richardson, Baylor

– Like most offensive lineman, Richardson is a big body, at 6’5, and 340 lbs, he is a beast, and a mismatch for any DE/DT. He is a good run and pass blocker, but appears on the slow side.

5. Trai Turner*, LSU

– Turner is a solid sized Guard, solid blocker, both pass and run game. But is on the slow side.

6. Chris Watt, Notre Dame

– Watt is also a big body, he is a good blocker, and allows his QB to keep pressure off. He is, like most lineman, on the slow side, but he is a good fit for any scheme in my opinion.

7. Anthony Steen, Alabama

– Steen is a good run and pass blocker. But is on the slow side.

8. Jon Halapio, Florida

– Halapio is a big Guard, good blocker, both pass and run game. He is on the slow side though.

9. Ryan Groy, Wisconsin

– Groy is a big Guard, maybe to big, and a decent run blocker. He is on the slow side.

10. Brandon Thomas, Clemson

– Thomas is a big guard. Decent blocker, but is on the slow side.

Offensive Tackles:

1. Jake Matthews, Texas A&M

– Matthews is clearly the best Tackle prospect in this class, likely top 5 pick, could go as high as #2 to St. Louis. He is a great blocker, both pass and run. Protects the QB with ease, big mauler, emposses his will, good speed for a guy his size. The question is will he be a better LT or RT, other than that, he has no major flaws.

2. Greg Robinson*, Auburn

– Robinson has great size, great run blocker, decent pass blocker. He does struggle with speedy defenders, and is on the slow side.

3. Taylor Lewan, Michigan

– Lewan has Great size for a LT. Great pass and run blocker, doesn’t give up on any broken plays. He is a little slow, but not as bad as others. He does get beaten a few times by those speedy edge rushers.

4. Zack Martin, Notre Dame

– Good blocker, versatile, can play Tackle and Guard, and gives good protection to the QB. But he is on the slow side. He could play his pay into the 1s round come May.

5. Cyrus Kouandjio*, Alabama

– Kouandjio is a big body, good blocker like most Tackle in both pass and run game, perfect fit as a Left Tackle. While he may be a bit slow, he still has a decent projected 40 time, so not many flaws for him.

6. Antonio Richardson*, Tennessee

– Richardson has a huge size frame, a good blocker, both pass and run. But he might be a bit too big. Maybe needs to lose some weight to be more effective, and he also allows some broken plays. But he is a 1st round pick in my opinion.

7. Morgan Moses, Virginia

– Moses is a big Tackle, good pass and run blocker, and good QB protector. But is on the slow side. He should be a top 75 pick.

8. Joel Bitonio, Nevada
-Bitonio is a high riser, big body, and solid in pass and rush blocking. A bit on the slow side, not other downsides.

9. Cameron Fleming*, Stanford

– Fleming has great size, good speed for a Tackle, and good blocker. But he does get man handled at times.

10. Jack Mewhort, Ohio State

– Mewhort is a big Tackle, a good blocker, both in the pass and run game, and a great QB protector. He is on the slow side, but I view him as a potential top 100 pick.