Jason’s 2015 Alvin Dupree Scouting Report


Name- Alvin Dupree

College- Kentucky

Position- DE/OLB

Jersey Number- 2


Height- 6’4

Weight- 264 lbs

40 Time- 4.65


Great pass rusher

Sack specialist

Good speed

Has good size, from a heigh standpoint


A bit undersized from a weight standpoint to be an NFL DE, might transition to a OLB


Dupree is a solid rising prospect, who is just a great pass rusher, a sack specialist, possesses good speed, and has good size from a height standpoint. But he is light for an NFL DE, which may make his NFL position as an OLB. I believe Dupree will only keep rising up the draft boards, as high as top 25 in the draft.