Denver Broncos

Season in Review Wow…well, when the saying “Defense wins Championships” was made, this Superbowl was probably the game that was envisioned. Unfortunately for the Broncos, they were on the receiving end of the beatdown. From the safety to start the game, to the kneel down that ended it, the Broncos had to deal with one […]

Seattle Seahawks

Season in Review As all the Seahawks would say: It’s good to be the king. From the beginning of the season on, the Seahawks were showing championship mettle and material. Hard hitting, ballhawking defense and a ground/pound offense with a 5’10 general in Russell Wilson spelled Superbowl from the get-go. Carroll and Scheinder (with help […]

San Francisco 49ers

Season in Review Three straight years of heartbreak, yet the 49ers are the model of power and consistency throughout the NFL. Worst to first in 2011, surviving a mid-season QB switch in 2012, and finally going through a slew of injuries (Culliver, Crabtree, Williams, Miller, Iupati) in 2013, each year making it to the NFC […]

Arizona Cardinals

Season in Review The most dangerous non-playoff squad resides in the Glendale area. This team would’ve easily defeated 7 of the 8 playoff teams in the AFC, and 6 of the 8 in the NFC. Top 5 defense overall (yds allowed, pts allowed, turnover margin), has a top 3 WR in Fitzgerald, and now has […]

St. Louis Rams

Season in Review What is scarier: that the youngest team in the NFL was 7-9 with Kellen Clemens at QB in the NFLs hardest division, or that this team has two top 15 picks (4 total in the top 75) in this years draft and returning the youngest team in the NFL? Oustide of two […]

Philadelphia Eagles

Season in Review The Eagles this season showed two faces. They first showed an inexperienced squad with a rookie HC in Chip Kelly who was going to “revolutionize” the game with a year or two to teach the system. Then, they showed an uptempo offense predicated on a great RB putting up career numbers, scoring […]

Dallas Cowboys

Season in Review With the increase of the invasion of privacy of the NFL with it’s players like mic’d up for NFL Network and Hard Knocks for HBO, I say the NFL should partner up with the former A&E TV series “Intervention” and do a mini-series with a select group of NFL personalities. The first […]

New York Giants

Season in Review Well, here we go again: Eli isn’t fit to be a NFL QB, Tom Coughlin is on the hot seat, the New York Giants are the worst team in the NFL. Here’s the thing, this team THRIVES off of doubt and will use this to springboard back into relevance. If you don’t […]

Washington Redskins

Season in Review   Congratulations should be given to the Washington franchise. I never thought anyone could challenge the Cleveland Browns for the title of “worst managed franchise”, but Dan Snyder has put up quite a fight. He not only has constantly thrown money away to get his name in the newspaper by buying the […]

Green Bay Packers

Season in Review Ted Thompson, by the time he retires from football, will be known as one of the greatest GMs of the modern era. Sure, everyone will look at the Aaron Rodgers pick up as his most famous pick up, but outside Rodgers and Lacy, all their offensive weapons weren’t first rounders. Cobb (2nd), Nelson […]