2014 NFL Draft: Cornerbacks

1st of my final 2 class breakdowns is next, the top Cornerbacks. I look at the CB class, and I see 5-9 prospects who could go round 1. I’ll begin with Ohio State’s Bradley Roby, who is 5’11, 190, and I don’t have a projected 40 time. Roby is my top Cornerback right now, he […]

2014 NFL Draft: Inside Linebackers

Lastly for today are the top ILBs for the 2014 class. My top guy is Alabama’s C.J. Mosley, who comes in at 6’2, 234 lbs, 4.65 projected 40 time. Mosley is a versatile linebacker, ILB and OLB potential. Sure fire tackler, good in coverage, beats blocker, and a fast linebacker. But he is a bit […]

2014 NFL Draft: Outside Linebackers

Lets also take a look at the top OLBs for the 2014 class. We have a couple top notch pass rushers, lets begin with UCLA’s Anthony Barr, who is 6’4, 238 lbs, and a 4.73 projected 40 time. Bust a pass rushing beast. Sure tackler, gets off the edge easily, and makes it look easy. […]

2014 NFL Draft: Defensive Tackles

I want to continue with the top DTs in the 2014 class. The top guy for me is Notre Dame’s Louis Nix III,he comes in at 6’5, 326 lbs, and a 4.99 40 time projected. Nix is a dominant NT, who commands double teams on most plays. Run stuffer, fast for a guy his size. […]

2014 NFL Draft: Defensive Ends

Now it’s time to start with the defensive players, and what better way then the front 7’s End position. Their are 2 elite guys in my opinion. 1st is of course, South Carolina’s Jadeveon Clowney, who is 6’6, 256 lbs, and a great 4.60 projected 40 time. Clowney is a sure fire tackler, pass rush […]

2014 NFL Draft: Offensive Tackles

To continue, I will take a look at the top Tackles. Their are really 3 Tackles, who seem as franchise LTs. 1st is Texas A&M’s Jake Matthews, who comes in at 6’5, 305 lbs, and a great 4.98 projected 40 time. Meaning he has some good speed for a big guy. Matthews is my top […]

2014 NFL Draft: Interior Offensive Lineman

Next up are the Guards and Centers, the Interior Lineman. I won’t spend much time on the Centers, but the top ones are below, Arkansas’ Travis Swanson, who comes in at 6’4, 305 lbs, and a 5.29 projected 40 time. Florida State’s Bryan Stork, who comes in at 6’4, 312 lbs, and a 4.79 projected […]

2014 NFL Draft: Wide Receivers & Tight Ends

To continue this series, we take a look at the Wide Receivers. Lets begin with 1 of the 2 best in USC’s Marquis Lee, who is 6’0, 190 lbs and a great 4.41 40 time projection. Lee is a dynamic play maker, with fast speed, gets open to easily. A nightmare for CBs. Catches wide […]

2014 NFL Draft: Running Backs

Lets continue this series with the best Running Backs. My guy is Oklahoma’s Damien Williams, who comes in at 6’0, 208 lbs, and a projected 4.52 40 time. Williams has good vision, great speedy back. Dynamic, play maker and a tough runner. On the downside, he does get stuffed to easily too many times. My […]

2014 NFL Draft: Quarterbacks

I want to do a new series, a look before the 2013 college football season begins, by looking at the top prospects at all positions. And lets begin with the Quarterbacks. The crown jewel of the 2014 class is clearly Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater. He has good size, coming in at 6’3, 218 lbs, along with […]