Johnny Manziel – 2014 NFL Draft Prospect Profile

Manziel is athlectic, fast, good speed, strong arm. Able to avoid pressure, and he easily shakes defenders. He is a pro QB for sure, with smart and instinctive decision making. But he does over throw receivers.

David Fales – 2014 NFL Draft Prospect Profile

Fales is an accurate QB for the most part, has good arm strength, throws a good deep ball, and looks like an NFL QB. But he does force some throws, he also over and under throws at times.

Zach Mettenberger – 2014 NFL Draft Prospect Profile

Mettenberger has good arm strength, he is accurate, good on deep balls thrown, but he does over and under throw at times. His injury could force him down the draft boards, but I don̥t think too far. He should be steal where ever he is selected.

Teddy Bridgewater – 2014 NFL Draft Prospect Profile

Bridgewater has great arm strength. Accurate, big QB, threads the needle so to speak so nicely, and makes hard throws look easy. He is not the fastest QB, and over throws too much, and under pressure a lot. But he is the top QB prospect, a consensus 1st overall pick.

Aaron Murray – 2014 NFL Draft Prospect Profile

Murray clearly has an NFL arm, he is strong, athletic, smart, instinctive, and calm. Shows signs of great plays, and has no problems with short passes. But he not overally accurate. He struggles against top level. He dominates lower level competition, he also makes bad decisions under pressure, and overthrows receivers from time to time.

Derek Carr – 2014 NFL Draft Prospect Profile

Carr has good accuracy, good size, and speed. Dominated lower FBS schools. He did stuggle in their bowl game against USC, but he is a good prospect. He does over and under throw receivers at time. He has a tendency to throw into double coverage.