Swallowed Whistles

Tough to argue with the finish of Super Bowl LI. Especially because I bet that Atlanta would have 28 total points. Just didn’t think they’d have 28 points for more than nine minutes of the fourth quarter and all of overtime. But I’m not complaining. Here’s what I am complaining about. Am I the only one […]

Second Overall Pick

It will be tough for 49ers fans to watch the Super Bowl and not dream of drafting a superstar quarterback with the team’s second overall pick. Surely, a Matt Ryan type or a Tom Brady imitation in a late round would propel the Niners back to the title game. Or would it? Obviously, Ryan and […]

The Case of Montana vs. Brady

Try this one out in your next Scrabble contest. Irrefragable. It means not able to be refuted or disproved; indisputable. That’s how I categorize the debate between Joe Montana and Tom Brady. Even the numbers don’t declare a clear winner. So, after 16 years of deliberations, Brady’s NFL career, I’m handing down my verdict. Before […]

New Start, New Hope

Before Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan is named the 49ers new head coach, he was named something else; Assistant Coach of the Year, selected by the Pro Football Writers of America. If you asked the Niners, with truth serum, when the coaching search began, who it was they wanted to replace Chip Kelly, Shanahan or […]

Football Speed Limits

What did Alabama’s successful 2016 season have to do with the 49’ers dreadful campaign this past year? In the end, “pace” caught up with both of them. Interestingly, for opposite reasons. Readers of this column know I follow both teams. Admittedly, it’s an eclectic choice for football fandom. But that’s what you get when a […]

Alabama – Clemson; Part 2

Since I picked Alabama and Clemson to make it to the College Football Playoff championship last week, I thought I might as well weigh in on this game. What a game it should be. Last year Alabama won 45-40 in a game full of explosive plays. In many ways, the championship shapes up much like […]

College Football’s Final Four

 Anyone familiar with this writer’s opinion knows where I stand on big games. It’s not just about the x’s and o’s. Especially, monster games like the college football semifinals. These games, where so much is at stake, quite often come down to the team that simply makes the fewest mistakes. How does a team limit […]

A True Football Gift

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, LSU’s Leonard Fournette and Stanford’s Christian McCaffery have chosen to sit out their respective bowl games to stay healthy before the NFL Draft. That was followed by Alabama head Coach Nick Saban explaining that he doesn’t disagree with their decisions. His reasoning is that since neither player’s team […]

Can’t Un-See the Niners

While most of the country was watching the Seahawks-Packers game, I was paying attention to a no- meaning, inter conference contest between two teams going nowhere this season. The Jets vs. 49ers. Why? I still have to see for myself if Colin Kaepernick has really regressed or if he just has poor play around him. […]

49ers Have Big Problems

The 49ers lost to the Dolphins last Sunday by a score of 31-24. San Francisco had a lot of problems during the game but for a moment let’s go over who was not a problem. Colin Kaepernick. He looked like Steve Young and Randall Cunningham rolled into one. Kap threw for 296 yards and three […]